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Being the Queen uses a treasure trove of never-before-heard interview recordings from those who know the Queen personally. Paired with deeply researched archival footage and photos, the one-hour special provides an in-depth look at her life and some of the most important, influential events in the history of the British monarchy.


丛二 2022-10-06

一个美国纪录片导演用历史影像素材,唱了一个完全站在女王及君主制立场的颂歌;I serve简直应该翻译成为人民*务。

何武昂 2021-05-27

蜻蜓点水的记录,可作为the crown背景资料补充。

Etiamhic 2022-06-01

功过皆述,尽管个人对王室成员声称的“*务”存疑,但不可否认片尾讲到伊丽莎白自白头想起亡父那句"Look, I've done it"令人动容。She is the Queen as well as a people breathing on the earth. 另,这片子真的是美国吗?

Stark Family 2022-09-14

God Save The Queen. Rest In Peace🙏, Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II the *****. Nearer, ** God, to Thee 🕯️

蔚山顶流朴建厚 2022-09-23