Dylan Thomas: A Poet's Guide在线观看

Dylan Thomas: A Poet's Guide

Dylan Thomas: A Poet's Guide

  • 上映年代:2014  
  • 地区:英国
  • 主演: Owen Sheers
  • 更新时间:

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The poet Dylan Thomas is famous the world over. But often it's for tales of his tempestuous life rather than for what he wrote. Now Welsh poet Owen Sheers gets back to what started all the fuss: the words on the ****. Homing in on Thomas' major poems, Sheers leads viewers through the story of what inspired them, how they were written, and what exactly they mean. He visits the p...


众喵之门 2018-07-17

beautiful poems written in beautiful sceneries. a brief guide to the most talented & popular works of dylan thomas with provoking comments.

Icarus_Crane 2020-10-21

二战后,Dylan Thomas去了美国,作为摇滚音乐“英伦入侵”的对应,他在那里成了一个诗的摇滚明星。他在Chelsea Hotel(Leonard Cohen唱的那首歌)用威尔士游吟诗人的音调朗诵了自己的诗,当时,吉他大师Charlie Parker和垮掉派**Alan Ginsburg都为之入迷。至于Bob Dylan,那个歌手,直接借用了这位诗人的名字,永不奉还。